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What is Abaca? Abaca is a species of banana plant native to the Philippines. The plant is grown for its fiber that is known for its strength and durability. Each piece is woven by skilled craftsmen and has its own unique colorations. Abaca is environmentally sound and is coated with a non toxic lacquer finish. To clean simply wipe with a damp cloth.  Abaca

Rubberwood Bowls: Our "Salad with Style" is made from rubberwood. Rubberwood is plantation grown and the sap is used to make surgical gloves and other latex based products. The useful life of a rubberwood tree is approximately 20 years. In the past, the practice was to burn the tree at the end of its latex-producing cycle but now the wood is used to make a variety of household products and furniture.  Stained Rubberwood Bowls 

What is Acacia wood? Acacia wood is an environmentally friendly wood that primarily grows in Asia, although there are species of Acacia that are found worldwide. Many believe that Noah's ark was built from Acacia!  Acacia

How to take care of our wooden salad bowls? All of our wooden salad bowls MUST be hand washed. After rinsing out the bowl, wipe down the bowl and make sure the bowl is completely dry.  Wooden salad bowls must not be put in a dishwasher.

In order to keep the bowl from drying out, from time to time, simply wipe the bowl with a little mineral or olive oil.

Can I eat from a wooden salad bowl? Yes. All of our salad bowls are coated with a completely non-toxic finish.

Volume Pricing: Additional discounts are offered for quantities of 12 pieces or more of a single item. If you are interested in a quantity purchase either send an email to or fax 516-498-1064 with the product sku, amount requested and your contact information. We will reply via email or fax within 1 business day.